Thank you in advance for seeking me out. Please use the Gmail address thepiracyparadigm to contact me. Also, it will be helpful if you use one of the following topics in the subject line.

As with my approach to copyright, if I have not addressed your specific situation below, feel free to contact me anyway.

Media and Interview Requests

You can see some of my past media mentions elsewhere on this site.

I am glad to be interviewed, for publication or on background. When you contact me, please also answer the following questions:

  • When is your deadline, and in what time zone?
  • Can I respond by e-mail?
  • When is the piece due to be published?
  • Whom else do you plan to interview about the same story or topic?

Answering these questions helps me provide timely and appropriate responses to your questions or requests.

For radio, I can facilitate your station arranging access to an ISDN line through a local NPR affiliate.


I conduct educational workshops on copyright, intellectual property and information policy issues for all sectors. I also may be retained for intellectual property or information policy strategy sessions, also in all sectors.

Social Media

I curate several Twitter feeds, but my main feed is @kmdames.

Written: March 1, 2012
Updated: March 16, 2017